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Conception and realisation of the work package: Capacity Building

In order to successfully and sustainably maintain a tsunami early warning system, the people and technical experts who operate the system, keep it functional and enhance it, must receive advanced training/advice. The political decision-makers, who are responsible for the warnings and responses, as well as the population itself, must also be involved in the process.

Particularly the situation in Indonesia requires the strengthening of institutional capacities through advisory at a local, provincial and national level, in addition to enhancing individual skills through a professional exchange and technical-scientific training. The type of training and advanced training/advisory must distinguish between the target groups, their functions within the system and the contents to be conveyed.

The conceptual proposal that was formulated within the context of a comprehensive inspection mission in September 2005 therefore envisaged splitting the Capacity Building work package into three sub-components (results):

Structure of the Capacity Building work package